Why Choose Us

Why choose our services

Get the latest rental and investment information

  • Every month, we send out an e-newsletter to our landlords to keep them in touch with what’s happening in the rental market.
  • We are guarantee never to charge any fees until your property is officially rented.

Help you find the right tenants and get the right rent

  • Rigorous selection process
  • Knowledge of the local rental market will ensure you get the right price
  • Regular rent reviews - see an increase in rent received to match market changes
  • Extensive portfolio of potential tenants: we‘ll do our best to ensure your property is always tenanted.

Optimize your returns and get better rental rates

  • With a property manager, you’re more likely to receive better rental rates, see rents raised in line with the market, and enjoy higher occupancy levels.
Why should you consider us

Specialised Property Management

Sunshine Property Group takes care of all areas of your property management. Focusing solely on rental management services, We are able to provide a level of personalizes and professional service unmatched by larger real estate firms. We have helped lots of kiwis to find their homes. And we are very proud of the work we have done. The following are some of the properties have been rented our by Sunshine Property Group.

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